Operations or "OPS" are high level goals.  "Missions" support "Operations".  There may be many missions required to complete and operation.


Our first operation is deemed "Operation HPA".  It will involve missions aimed at getting member operators out into their local communities creating a greater awareness of the Hearing Protection Ac of 2017.  These missions will be self funded and local at first but we hope to raise funds eventually to send certain operators to D.C. where they will meet face to face with those in congress responsiile for pushing the legislation forward.

Operation Objectives;

1. Raise awareness locally and nationally in support of the Hearing Protection Act of 2017.

2. Build operator base for USconOps.com through mission development.

Due to this being our first operation, we will also be attempting to create a funding mechanism either through members or through what I am going to call "Special Operators" who will be people who cannot take part in direct actions on the ground but who want to contribute the much needed funds to accomplish some of our missions.