Level 1 Operator

A person who is curious about our operations and registers to find out more about our activities.  We can only hope these are not spies, I mean, flies on the wall. We invite all to join and get involved even if it is at your local level. We hope to make this a fun experience even for the observer.  If you are unable to complete missions, their are many ways to contribute to get you out of the Level 1 Operator hole!

Level 2 Operator

A registered user who has completed missions on the ground in his local community.  You can develop and submit your missions here. Review Mission #1 to get an idea of the mission syntax needed to maintain some sense of consistency. All completed missions include a video documenting the mission which can be submitted here.

Level 3 Operator

A member who has volunteered to travel outside of their local community to perform missions. This would include actions on the ground exceeding 25 miles from the member home base. Level 3 operators are eligible to receive funding for these missions on as as-needed and pre-approved basis.  Level 3 missions are pre-planned and may even have special fund raising activities surround them.

Level 4 (Special Operator)

A member who may or may not be able to perform missions on the ground but contributes by funding operations outside of their locale or contributes to the overall maintenance of the organization by helping to meet certain needs such as server lease and other basic services needed to keep the over-all effort moving forward.