In Support of Operation HPA

One of the funniest adages in the construction industry is "Just do something, even if it's wrong".  The idea is that some sort of action is better than no action at all.  So for our first mission, Barret and I are going to create flyers and go out locally to raise awareness of the Hearing Protection Act of 2017. You can participate in this mission by completing the mission objectives and requirements. 

Mission Objectives and Requirements

1: Test concept of USconOPS community goals and operations.

2. Raise local community awareness to the Hearing Protection Act of 2017 

3. Download Mission Handout here and share it with people you meet.

3. Begin building USconOPS operator base.

4. Document mission with video and post it here.

The goal of this mission is to support a larger operation which is to help pass the Hearing Protection Act of 2017.  There will be other smaller missions by USconOPS members coming in the following days. Also stay on the lookout for videos