It is no secret I really did not like bump stocks when they first appeared on the scene.  They rank up there with the arm brace RangeDay 1 300in my mind.  These accessories seem to me more of a plague on the gun industry than anything else.  I like my guns well designed and built from the factory.  These parts almost seem to troll the guns they are placed on.  They are the gesters of gun parts.

BUT, and I have a big one!  I also believe that in our free society, each person should be able to make these decisions based on their own choices.  Some of my friends love these accessories and have much fun shooting with them,  So I get joy out of seeing them shoot with them.  Are they hard rubber and plastic lesions on guns? Yes, but who am I to judge? I am placing my opinion here and not on your videos.

 My biggest peeve is with Wayne LaPierre. I want conservative leadership at the NRA and I do not think he fits the bill.  I wanted him to come out and identify the problem as an ideology that was carried out by a psychopath on peaceful, free-loving people. Not blame gun parts and suggest that gun laws need to be "reviewed".  And I am completely baffled by his thinking that a national right to carry law would have done any good here.  This seemed to be some sort of bone he was throwing NRA members. I haven't decided myself that national reciprocity is a good thing.  I would rather the states take care of reciprocity agreements.  The federal government has no place making laws regarding who can carry and who cannot. It seems to me like Mr. LaPierre is trying to run interference for congress.  I want to see the votes on any legislation regarding gun laws. I do not want ATF agents who are not elected officials creating legislation from their bunkers. I do not see Mr. LaPierre's comments very well thought out on this matter.

I went to IV8888's Range Day just yesterday and spoke with a few friends there about the issue.  I spoke with Tim at MAC, Sootch, Mrgunsandgear, DBcooper and Marco of gun channels and while there were some differing opinions on some details, the general consensus seemed to be that people were not happy with how the NRA is handling this issue.  I also noticed that Hickok45 and Big John were no-shows. I know Hickok has a more favorable opinion of the stance the NRA has taken but I am not sure if that had anything to do with him missing the event.  I think he and John have had a positive impact on the sport and I hope they will be vocal and continue to provide their opinions on the matter.

I have never before seen a period in time nor a happening that has the potential to divide the shooting sports community than the event in Las Vegas.  I do know that we should try to get along and after meeting with people face to face at Eric's range day, I am even willing to work on my hardened opinions to get along better with people who I disagree with.  There is something about being able to hear one's voice and see their eyes to know their sincerity.  I am convinced most gun owners are passionate and sincere about their beliefs.  We just need to figure out a way to stay united for the 2nd Amendment.